Demountable Flood Panel: Assembly and storage

V-Flow has introduced aluminum alloy demountable flood panel manufactured in Taiwan, which are designed to be suitable for different buildings and can be installed according to different requirements and on-site environments, helping to minimize the damage to property facilities under severe weather. The demountable design is easy to store. Aluminum alloy is material light in weight which allow ladies to assemble easily. The entire assembly process only takes a few minutes, which is very convenient. It is suitable for installation in coastal properties, basement parking lot entrances, various types of computer rooms or facility rooms, etc.

Installation Procedure that can be finished in 5 minutes (No support required)

The installation of flood panel can help minimize the damage to property facilities under inclement weather and provide protection for property facilities. It can also reduce maintenance expenses for damaged facilities, which can ultimately save owners of maintenance costs and reduce facilities. The impact of the damage on the business owners, to achieve an increase in customer satisfaction

Components Storage

The gate plate and other related parts can be completely stored and have the function of anti-theft locking.

 Demountable Flood Panel。Installed

Anti-high-wind Clip Support

The wind-proof door support bracket is designed to install between the two glass doors. The upper door lintel is embedded under the ground. The back has diagonal braces to form a triangle mechanics. The front is fixed by a clamp to fix the glass door.  With this setting, the doors will not shake under strong wind situation.  The crisis of glass being shaken and shattered can also be eliminated.

Easy to install

Does not destroy the sliding door structure

Keep the door withstand high

V-Flow also introduced stainless steel fixtures for automatic sliding doors, which are suitable for various types of glass doors, and provide a safe solution that resists strong wind, fast installation, good quality, and reduces damage.

Stainless steel fixture, also suitable for automatic sliding doors